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    How Do I Know If There Is an Issue with My Circuit Breaker?

    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Inspecting a circuit breaker

    Professional electrical services are required any time there's an issue with your circuit breaker. The majority of municipalities require a licensed, insured electrician to perform work for a property to stay up to code. Moreover, circuit breaker issues can lead to serious shock or be the cause of electrical fires. Prevent a major disaster by hiring the right person as soon as you realize there’s a problem.

    When to Call for Professional Electrical Services

    Breakers are a safer, more convenient alternative to fuses. Fuses are small, circular inserts you screw and unscrew into your electrical box. Breakers are switches you cannot easily remove. Instead of hunting for the correct type of fuse to replace burned out units, breakers allow you simply to turn off a circuit that has become overloaded and switch it back on again.

    Circuits become overloaded when you plug too many appliances into one circuit, when you're using devices that use too much energy for a circuit or when there's a problem with the wiring inside a device or in your home. If a circuit repeatedly trips when you've taken steps to reduce energy usage, you may have a problem.

    At other times, it’s obvious you need an electrician. For instance, if your breaker box is buzzing or giving off heat, you’re dealing with an emergency. Get a professional on the phone right away.

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