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    Can I Really Save Money by Buying a New Commercial HVAC System?

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016

    Commercial HVAC

    Are you interested in commercial services capable of saving you money each month? Talk to the experts at Certified Electric, Inc., about the latest heating and cooling units strictly for businesses. Efficiency counts, and today’s units include bells and whistles capable of convincing any accountant they’re worth the cost.

    Modern Commercial HVAC Systems

    Today’s climate control systems do more than heat and cool your premises. They manage indoor air quality, ventilation, and even moisture content. What’s more, you can control them in a variety of ways, both on-site and from a home office. Smart thermostats, for instance, allow you to monitor usage and change the temperature using an Internet connection while you’re away.

    The latest systems also have increased capabilities for green sources of energy. From solar water heaters to geothermal units buried deep underground, you can seriously cut your utility costs. Depending on the technology you’re using, you can wind up getting back a big chunk of initial investment by way of federal credits and community grants.

    Improved Efficiency Means Lower Costs

    A new HVAC system won’t just make your commercial property more comfortable. High efficiency units use less energy too, which leads to a big cut in monthly expenses. Remember, heating and cooling costs make up 60 percent of your utility bill, so changing up your equipment is one of the easiest ways to lower your ongoing costs.

    Schedule a visit with a professionally trained HVAC technician to discuss the most appropriate commercial services for your Brunswick area business. The benefits of replacement may be enough to quickly pay for your costs. Cut your energy usage and bills today with top-performing equipment and installation provided by Certified Electric, Inc.