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    What Is Air Duct Deodorization?

    Wednesday, September 07, 2016

    air duct odors

    Heating and air conditioning impact your home’s comfort in all kinds of ways.

    Taking care of your heating and air conditioning equipment keeps your family comfortable—and safe! Consider the impact of dirty air ducts on your indoor air quality. Dirt and grime coated ducts spread germs and foul odors throughout your home. Turn your problems around with professional ductwork cleaning and deodorization.

    Dangers of Dirty Indoor Air

    Headaches, red and sore eyes and other health problems can result from polluted indoor air. If you’re suffering from cold or allergy-like symptoms that disappear once you’re away from home, poor indoor air quality could be the culprit. Dust from remodeling, aerosol sprays and candle soot can all irritate your lungs and may trigger asthma and other breathing problems.

    Other contaminants, from toxic fumes from cleaning solutions to mold spores, can lead to the development of cancer or heart or brain disorders. If these pollutants exist in your ductwork, they will spread all over your house. Greater dispersal increases your chances of a serious health problems.

    Potential health issues aside, dirty ductwork leads to a dirty home. Dust and dirt settles on your belongings and clouds otherwise spotless rooms. Not surprisingly, dirty particles found in your ductwork can also make your house smell bad. Make your hard work count by ordering professional HVAC cleaning.

    Get the Heating and Air Conditioning Help You Need

    Make an appointment to clean up your heating and air conditioning. Keep your home smelling fresh and looking beautiful. Prevent unnecessary health issues and increase your personal comfort too. Ensure your air is safe to breathe by scheduling an air duct deodorization.