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    Why You Should Add Your Air Ducts to Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List

    Wednesday, April 05, 2017


    What can air duct cleaning do for your indoor air quality?

    It’s spring cleaning time again, but did you include air duct cleaning on your to-do list? If you're like most people, the answer is no. That's a shame because few other cleaning tasks can have such a tremendous impact on your home's cleanliness. Here's why you should add your air ducts to your spring cleaning to-do list:

    Reduce Dusting Needs for Months to Come

    Over the years, dust and debris build up in a home's air ducts. Some of that crud will recirculate through your home whenever your HVAC system runs. Some will settle on your home's surfaces. Your air filters catch a little of it. And unfortunately, your family will breathe the rest into their lungs.

    Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

    Spring is also time for allergies to flare up. One of the most important things you can do to reduce the itchy, watery misery is to get your air ducts cleaned. Less dust floating around your house means less suffering this spring. And if someone in your family has asthma, getting that dust cleared out will reduce their respiratory stress.

    Improve HVAC Efficiency

    Believe it or not, debris can build up so thick on air filters that it can force your HVAC equipment to work harder. Have you noticed your system has been running more than usual? It’s a good sign that you need to have your air ducts professionally cleaned.

    Trust Certified Electric with Your Air Ducts

    Certified Electric wants to help with your spring cleaning this year. If you think you might need air duct cleaning for your home, contact us today.