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    8 Times You Need to Call a Professional Electrician ASAP

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016

    When emergencies happen, it can be all too tempting to try to fix them ourselves—or find a short cut—but when it comes to electricity, we’re really better off calling an electrical services professional. 

    Here are some examples of when to call in the expert:

    1. Your house is old or outdated.
    If your house is 40 years or older, you should definitely call in a professional to do an overhaul of the electrical system. The outlets and wiring can be outdated (two-prong outlets instead of three, bits of black rubber, wires covered in cloth). If there is any rust, this should be noted as rust can get into the main wiring components and cause dangerous electrical shortages.

    2. You acquired new appliances.
    If your house is more than 10 years old and you have just bought new appliances, you should call in an electrician to make sure there are no wiring or voltage inconsistencies.

    3. You are experiencing an electrical emergency.
    Blackouts, brownouts or flickering lights, sparks flying, and tangled wires are all signs of an electrical emergency that warrants an experienced electrician. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. This can result in serious injury. Call a professional instead.

    4. Recurring problems with blowing fuses/tripping circuit breakers.
    Recurring problems such as these are indicative of a bigger issue. Contact a professional electrician to discuss possible causes and how to go about fixing the issues.

    5. You are buying, selling, or remodeling a home.
    Anytime you buy or sell, and especially when remodeling a home, you should already have an electrician specialist at your fingertips to consult and inspect the home before moving forward.

    6. You notice discolored, burnt, or warm outlets.
    If you notice a burning smell coming out of your outlets or appliances, or your outlets are discolored or warm to the touch, call an electrician right away.

    7. You have too many cords and not enough outlets.
    Sometimes in an older or converted house there won’t be enough outlets installed. Many people try to overcompensate with extension cords and adapter plugs, but this can cause a hazard in more ways than one. Multiple cords lying around on the floor can cause injury or fires. Additional outlets will need to be installed.

    8. When there is water.
    Anytime you are working where there is plumbing (basement, kitchen, bathroom, etc.), you should assume water is present and be cautious when dealing with electricity. There could be leaks you are unaware of which can result in a severe shock and lead to serious injury or death. Be safe and call an electrician.
    Whenever you are unsure about the situation or your safety, call in a professional and save yourself the danger and risk of injury. Contact our expert electrical services team at Certified Electric, Inc., today, or fill out our online form to schedule service.