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    5 Common Electrical Issues for Which Your Home May Be At Risk

    Wednesday, August 10, 2016

    breaker box

    Keeping your family safe is a top priority, especially when it comes to electrical services in the home. Being able to identify risks can help you to make necessary repairs to minimize fire hazards. 

    Here are 5 common electrical issues the experts see in homes:

    1. Flipping Circuit Breakers:

      One of the most common issues is flipping breakers. A circuit flips when overloaded or outdated. When this happens, cutting off the electrical supply is crucial to prevent serious issues like overheating and fires. Homeowners should be aware of how many devices are plugged in at one time as to not overload the circuit.
    2. Overheating Light Fixtures:

      It’s normal for light bulbs to be warm to the touch, but it’s a good idea to check the area around lights and fixtures for warmth. Overheating can happen if fixtures aren’t well insulated or if the bulb wattage exceeds the recommended wattage for the fixture, which can pose a fire hazard. Check each fixture individually and make sure you are using the appropriate light bulbs.
    3. Flickering Lights:

      Flickering lights are indicative of poor electrical wiring in the home or poor connections to the fixture; the flickering can also be a result of loose or faulty light bulbs.
    4. Ineffective Light Switches or Electrical Outlets:

      Over time, or in the events of DIY repairs, wiring can get loose or internal devices can be cracked or damaged. If your light switches or electrical outlets quit working, you should have an electrical services professional take a look and provide the necessary repairs.

    5. Electrical Shocks:

      If you experience an electrical shock of any kind from an appliance or outlet, this is a sign of something seriously wrong in the home. Faulty wiring or a ground fault in an appliance could be the culprit. Seek professional electrical services help immediately.

    6. For more information on keeping your home safe from electrical dangers, contact our team of electrical services experts at Certified Electric, Inc. today.