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    3 Ways to Lessen Your Business's Heating Costs

    Wednesday, November 18, 2015

    Zoned thermostat in a commercial building

    If you’re worried about the rising costs of winter heating at your business, contact Certified Electric to schedule qualified commercial services. We’ll help you devise a plan for the coming cold season. This winter will be one of the harshest in recent history, but if you put a few simple measures in place now, you can make it to spring without breaking the bank.

    Here are just 3 easy ways to keep heating costs under control while winter winds blow:

    1. Learn how to program your thermostat.

    For every degree you turn your heat down for 8 hours or more, you’ll save roughly 3 percent of your bill. It pays to use a programmable thermostat capable of automating this process. You can keep your employees comfortable during the day, and then turn things down at night for the savings. Just don’t let the temperatures dip below 40 degrees, or you could wind up with frozen pipes!

    2. Replace weather stripping around doors and windows.

    This simple task often gets ignored because people overestimate the amount of work involved. Weather stripping is quick and easy to apply. There are varieties with an adhesive back you can simple trim to fit, peel off the backing and then push into place.

    3. Insulate baseboards and outlets.

    Depending on when your property was constructed, you may be surprised to find zero insulation behind baseboards and inside of outlets. Both locations are significant source of heat loss. If you’re handy, you should be able to remove your baseboards and outlet covers, apply appropriate insulation and then replace them. However, you may want a professional to handle this work for you. Thankfully, it’s relatively inexpensive.

    If you’d like the steepest reduction possible in your heating costs, click this link to schedule an appointment for commercial services with Certified Electric. Our company is an experienced HVAC and electrical service provider for businesses in the Brunswick area. Visit online or give us a call at 912-265-3419 today.