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    3 Ways to Combat Stale Air in Your Home

    Wednesday, June 01, 2016

    HVAC Air Filters

    After a winter of being shut up in your home, the air may feel stale or musty - especially if your heating and air conditioning system worked overtime for months at a time.

    Does the air in your home feel stale or musty? Low indoor air quality can result in headaches and leave you felling less eager to spend time in your own home. Fortunately, banishing stale air is surprisingly simple; just follow these 3 basic suggestions:

    1. Replace heating and air conditioning filters regularly.

    An old filter is one of the quickest tickets to a stale household. Ideally, air filters should be changed at least twice a year. This will prevent mold and mildew from building up and making the air in your home unhealthy to breathe. If you tend to forget about air filters until your home is a musty mess, consider signing a maintenance agreement.

    2. Clean HVAC coils at least once a year.

    The more often the coils on your HVAC system are cleaned, the less likely you will be to experience mustiness or stale air. At a minimum, coils should be cleaned by a professional once a year. In many homes, however, biannual cleaning is preferable.

    3. Supplement heating and air conditioning systems with fans and dehumidifiers.

    A simple fan can quickly pull stale air outside, leaving your home feeling fresher in a matter of minutes. A dehumidifier can also work wonders. Although a dehumidifier won't cool the room like a fan would, it will quickly reduce humidity, thereby making your environment a bit more comfortable. Moist environments are highly conducive to mold spores, which contribute to that musty, stale feel, so a dehumidifier may be the quick fix your home requires.

    A carefully planned and regularly maintained HVAC system can eliminate that stale feeling from your home, thereby making your surroundings fresher and more comfortable. If you are ready to take a proactive approach to improve indoor air quality, contact our team of heating and air conditioning experts at Certified Electric, Inc.