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    3 Ways a Service Agreement Can Help Your Home This Winter

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015

    Homeowner replacing an air filter in their heating system

    Maintenance agreements provide you with savings, security and a few special benefits. They’re best though at safeguarding your heating equipment against a midwinter breakdown. Being without heat during a severe storm could be potentially fatal. Do what you can now to prevent emergencies from popping up.

    Here are 3 ways service agreements keep your HVAC equipment running:

    1. Notice worn parts before they fail.

    A NATE-certified technician will recognize the signs of potential failure during a preventive check. When performed before the start of winter weather, you wind up with enough time to do repairs before the snow sets in.

    2. Filters can be upgraded for maximum comfort.

    Dirty filters stress your system and make it hard for warmed air to move where it’s needed. Unfortunately, that’s not all the damage they do. If you forget your filter or simply allow it to get dirtier than usual, it could keep your house cold all winter long. How? Warm air struggling to get through the filter will pool in your system, heating the temperature sensor and shutting your unit down before your home is truly warm.

    3. Cleaning out the gunk and grime allows you to enjoy maximum efficiency.

    Cleaning off igniters and burners, changing filters, clearing air intake valves and drain lines, and lubricating moving parts all help your system warm your house while using less fuel. It simply won’t have to work as hard to get the job done. You won’t have to worry about keeping temperatures low to keep your bills down either.

    Enroll in one of our maintenance agreements today, and keep your HVAC system running well with help from a Brunswick-area favorite. Visit online or call Certified Electric today at 912.265.3419.