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    3 Things Homeowners Overlook during HVAC Maintenance

    Wednesday, August 26, 2015

    HVAC Maintenance

    Maintenance agreements aren’t exciting, not by a long shot. However, they are a very valuable investment. Most homeowners—even experienced DIYers—don’t have the tools, knowledge, or skills to perform the same kind of preventive check, as you’d get from a pro.

    Consider all of the essentials a homeowner is apt to overlook during a system check:

    • 1. Homeowners forget to check their thermostats. Your temperature control device is likely the least expensive part of your HVAC array, but it’s also probably the last thing you’ll assume is wearing out. People trust their thermostats, probably because the presence of a circuit board is so obvious. We think computers are smart, but all too often, an HVAC service calls boils down to a bargain thermostat going out.
    • 2. They don’t reconsider their filter options. Most furnaces are fit with the lowest grade fiberglass filters you need to change once a month. If these get dirty too quickly, they’ll restrict your airflow, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim. More than likely, they’ll let more than enough dirt in to gunk up your system.
    • 3. They don’t clean their outside units. Many homeowners assume if they’ve covered their outdoor units during the off-season, there’s nothing to worry about. Then they worry when their AC starts to wheeze. Noises due to dirt and debris in your condenser are fairly common, but so is a restricted airflow capable of preventing your AC from working. If you aren’t comfortable cleaning the condenser, it’s time to call Certified Electric.

    Maintenance agreements are a fast and affordable solution for homeowners without HVAC expertise. Click this link or call 912.265.3419 to learn more about the cost-saving maintenance agreements available through Certified Electric.