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    3 Signs Your Home’s Wiring May Be Going Bad

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016

    Inspection of aging home wiring

    Too often, homeowners ignore a need for electrical services until they’re facing an outage. Did you know you can also have a fire when your wiring goes bad? For that reason, and to help avoid the inconvenience and expense of losing your power, it’s important to recognize the signs of a wiring problem. If you ever notice the following, get an experienced electrician on the phone!

    Here are three warning signs of impending electrical damage:

    1. Smells, smoke and sparks: If an appliance or electrical device smells like smoke, is smoking or sparking, turn it off. Unplug it. Try it in a different outlet. Chances are, the unit has gone bad. If an outlet, your electrical box or a section of your wall is the problem, cut the power to that area of your home and call an electrician right away.
    2. Buzzing: While you may be used to older fluorescent lights buzzing, the sound is a warning sound if it’s coming from other sources. The noise indicates vibration caused by intense electrical flow.
    3. Frequent power outages: Whether your fuses keep blowing or your breakers keep tripping, one of three issues is likely happening. First, you may be overloading the circuit. Instead of plugging in a power strip to a power strip, hire a professional electrician to install a new outlet. Second, your device may be short-circuiting. Try plugging it into a different power source to see if it continues to go out. Finally, your outlet or circuit may be shorting out. That’s a fire risk.

    It’s important to schedule professional electrical services for any potentially dangerous problems. Certified Electric will have your home repaired in an instant. Make your appointment today.