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    3 Signs Your Heating System Needs Attention ASAP

    Wednesday, December 23, 2015

    Technician replacing HVAC air filter

    Maintenance agreements help you to detect problems with your HVAC before they spin out of control. They mean the difference between replacing one worn component and potentially replacing your entire heating system. Avoid major bills in the future by enrolling in a Certified Electric service agreement plan today.

    Here are three signs you need to hire a professional for HVAC repair:

    1. Your system quickly cycles on and off.

    If your unit has always run in short cycles, it could be a sign of improper installation. You may even have the wrong size of HVAC equipment for your home. If this just started, it’s a good sign that a sensor is failing or has failed already. It may be a matter of time before it stops running entirely.

    Short cycling shortens the length of the life of your system and may have a big impact on comfort. In addition, depending on the noise of your unit, constant cycling may be a nuisance for you and your neighbors.

    2. Your heater is running but there’s no warm air.

    Most often, this isn’t a small issue you can fix on your own. A furnace that doesn’t start at all can have airflow problems, but if air is being forced out of the vent at lukewarm or cold temps, you often need a replacement part. It could be that your pilot light burners need cleaning – a contentious job for all but the most experienced DIY fans. However, chances are you have a thermostat or sensor problem.

    3. Your heater has suddenly gotten noisy.

    This is true for your air conditioner as well, and for often the very same reasons. If your HVAC unit was quiet last week but is growling, grinding, or whining right now, you likely have a failing or broken mechanical component. This is the type of repair you’ll need fixed right away to prevent further, more expensive damage. Thankfully, loyal customers who sign up for maintenance plans get the benefit of prioritized service, so sign up today.

    Click this link to enroll in stress-free and affordable maintenance agreements through our team of experts at Certified Electric, Inc. Visit us online or call 912-265-3419 today.