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    3 Signs Your Filter Change Is Past Due

    Thursday, January 18, 2018

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    As important as indoor air quality has become, too often we still find ourselves neglecting our HVAC filters.

    There is no denying the risks associated with poor indoor air quality, but homeowners still sometimes wait too long before changing out the filters in their heating or cooling system. It's easy to overlook the filters when things are working well, but some signs may arise at times that let you know filter maintenance is long overdue. Here are three of them:

    Increased Dust Indoors

    Sometimes a home will end up a little more dusty than usual, but this isn’t always because we’ve grown too lazy to wipe down surfaces. If you’ve been noticing more dust build-up for seemingly no reason, it could be due to clogged air filters in your HVAC system. When debris accumulates in filters and vents, the particles eventually get pushed through and redistributed throughout the house, resulting in more visible dust.

    Decreased Air Comfort

    Clogged air filters can restrict airflow, keeping the air you're heating or cooling from going where you want it. Certain rooms might be more comfortable than others, with some receiving very little of the air they should be getting from the vents. If you notice this kind of inconsistency, the air filters could very well be the culprit.

    Increased HVAC Bills

    Have you noticed gradual increases in your utility costs, without any additional usage to explain it? If so, your air filters could be forcing the system to work harder — not only do clogged filters cause additional wear and tear, but they also make your heating and cooling less efficient. These excessive bills will only get worse over time if the issue isn't corrected.

    Whether your concerns are your filters or anything else, the professionals at Certified Electric, Inc. are here to lend a hand! For more information about how we can help you improve your indoor air quality, get in touch with us today!