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    3 Costly Repairs That a Service Agreement Could Save You From

    Wednesday, November 25, 2015

    Technician inspecting electrical components

    Maintenance agreements simplify preventive service visits and help you avoid big expenses by keeping breakdowns at bay. Unfortunately, many homeowners and business maintenance crews attempt to do this work themselves, not realizing the difference an experienced eye provides. Save money, and get the most from your heating and cooling equipment by enrolling in a residential or commercial service agreement by Certified Electric. We’re proud to help clients throughout the Brunswick area stay comfortable all year long.

    Check out these 3 common repairs our clients avoid by having a qualified tech perform preventive maintenance:

    1. Worn or broken motor components:

    Dust and debris gathers in your HVAC unit over time. Preventive maintenance doesn’t just involve changing a filter or blowing out your condenser. Professionals clean and lube the moving components of your furnace, preventing excessive wear from causing a part failure.

    2. Blown furnace computer:

    During preventive checks, a top-notch technician will also check your electronic parts. Most homeowners, and even many commercial maintenance teams, will skip this step, allowing malfunctioning sensors and wires to damage your furnace controls.

    3. Early system replacement:

    HVAC equipment is not something you can just set and forget. Without proper maintenance, the components of your system will be damaged. Some owners even ignore known problems and rely on frequent resets to keep a system going until the damage is too severe for repair. Avoid extensive furnace and air conditioning issues by scheduling a yearly preventive visit. Enrolling in a maintenance plan makes that easy, and it comes with surprising fringe benefits.

    Click this link to talk to a Glynn County HVAC expert today to learn the advantages of entering into maintenance agreements. Contact us online, or call 912-265-3419 to enroll today.