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    3 Reasons Your HVAC System Isn't Running as Efficiently as it Could Be

    Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    Staying efficient is a top priority now, as homeowners seek to save on their energy costs, and maintenance agreements are key. Routine tune-ups and regular maintenance can keep your system running better and more reliably, especially when the seasons change. Your AC unit will be dealing with much more wear and tear once summer sets in, and if your system isn't efficient, this can leave you stuck with huge utility bills.

    To keep yourself comfortable without making such a big dent in your finances, look out for these three reasons behind inefficient HVAC systems:

    1. You Aren’t Performing Air Filter Maintenance

    Air filters might seem like a small part of the HVAC system, but in reality, they're vitally important. If you fail to change or clean them regularly, you could end up with a system that has to work much harder to achieve the same amount of cooling. Clogged filters block air flow, putting more wear and tear on the system and making it less efficient.

    2. Aside from Maintenance, Your Thermostat Might be Too Old

    Newer isn't always better, but it certainly is when it comes to modern thermostats. Traditional thermostats force you to be at home to make adjustments to temperature, while the new versions allow you to program them. You can set schedules, which ensure your home is comfortable when you're there without wasting money on cooling or heating an empty house. You can even opt for a Wi-Fi compatible thermostat, which you can control remotely from your mobile device!

    3. You Didn’t Look Into HVAC Scheduled Maintenance

    A common mistake among homeowners is neglecting the components that seem to be working properly. Your HVAC might seem perfectly okay, but that's no reason to skip the tune-up before the new season starts. It's essential that your system is ready before the demanding months set in, but avoiding breakdowns is only one benefit provided by maintenance agreements.

    You can also save money on your monthly bills, as professional tune-ups ensure the system is functioning at an efficient pace. To learn more about maintenance agreements and the various other ways you can keep your HVAC system more efficient, contact our heating and cooling experts at Certified Electric today.