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    3 Reasons to Think about Your Office’s Insulation This Spring

    Wednesday, May 18, 2016

    Ducts and insulation in commercial property

    Commercial services for heating and cooling go beyond anything your maintenance crew is doing. Insulation reviews are just one example. With the appropriate products, you can enjoy a more comfortable office at a fraction of the cost. Consider all of the benefits you’ll get from better coverage:

    1. Insulation Improves Employee Satisfaction

    Every building has hot and cold spots you can count on to stay uncomfortable throughout the season. Who wants to go to work every day and sweat or freeze? Nobody. Though this may seem like a tiny issue, drafts have a big impact on job satisfaction for the people they directly affect. Improve morale and productivity by using insulation to fix these problems areas.

    2. Insulation Lowers Monthly Bills

    The same insulation you use for stopping drafts works to prevent air leaks around your office building. With more of your cooled air staying indoors, you don’t have to run your AC for as long or as hard. This leads to a great reduction in your monthly cooling costs, which can be up to 60 percent of your electricity bill during the summer months!

    In addition to insulating open pockets in walls, attics and basements, it makes sense to wrap ductwork and piping to prevent other common air leaks and hot water heat loss. It’s a simple step that further lowers your costs and improves your green footprint!

    3. Insulation Creates a Quieter Work Environment

    Filling up empty spaces in walls, ceilings and under floors helps prevent noises from drifting from one area to another. This gives clients a more professional impression of your business and makes your employees happier.

    Schedule professional commercial services for heating and cooling to get the benefits of improved insulation and so much more. Certified Electric, Inc., will help you get the most from every dollar you invest in HVAC.