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    3 Reasons to Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Today

    Wednesday, September 23, 2015

    HVAC Maintenance

    Maintenance agreements save money in several ways, a few of which you may not have considered. If you decide to enroll once you learn all the benefits, be sure to contact Certified Electric, Inc., the best heating and cooling company in the Brunswick area.

    Maintenance agreement enrollees get the advantage of several special features:

    • Easy scheduling: Don’t rely on remembering to set your appointments. When you enroll in a maintenance program, we’ll set up the dates of your service appointments, taking your time and schedule into consideration. You’ll never have to worry about calling in to set up service again, avoiding inconvenient gaps in maintenance capable of driving down your system’s performance.
    • Service reminders: Afraid you’ll forget your appointment? Choose to deal with an experienced provider and enjoy worry free HVAC. We’ll be sure to remind you of our upcoming service visit, and we’ll reach you in the most convenient ways possible. Choose between email, text or phone call, or all three.
    • Prioritized service: Are you worried about scheduling service calls when they’re needed the most? Systems tend to fail during extreme weather, meaning your call probably won’t be the only one we’re fielding. Rest assured knowing our loyal customers who sign up for maintenance plans receive the advantage of prioritized service. We’ll streamline your service call to the front of the line, and your system will be back up and running in no time.

    Click this link to schedule a service call or inquire about our maintenance agreements by calling 912.265.3419 today.