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    3 Effects of a Dirty HVAC Air Filter

    Wednesday, December 02, 2015

    Dirty HVAC air filter

    Heating and air conditioning equipment relies on clean filters to run at top efficiency. Changing your filter is easy to forget, but there are important reasons to make this basic task a priority.

    Check out the three effects of dirty air filters:

    1. They make your system work harder.

    If you’ve followed our blog long, you know the average furnace should last roughly 15 years. Guess what happens if you rely on dirty filters? Your equipment doesn’t last that long. In fact, its life-of-use may be significantly shorter than you planned on. Dirty filters force your system under extreme stress it’s not designed to handle long-term, meaning components quickly wear out.

    2. They impact performance.

    A clean filter will allow a reasonable amount of air to flow through your HVAC equipment, through your ductwork and into various living areas of your home. A dirty filter will block much of that air, leading to weak vent flow and rooms that stay cold in the winter despite a heater that’s always running – burning expensive fuel and creating unnecessary waste in the process.

    3. They drive up costs.

    Homeowners who’ve been mistakenly operating with a used, filthy air filter are often amazed at the difference in their utility bill once they correct the problem. One homeowner estimated his savings at 60 percent of his heating bill! Considering that HVAC costs make up the highest portion of your monthly expenses, this can be a significant factor in a budget being stretched to its gills.

    Whether you want to use less natural gas, enjoy a more comfortable home or simply pay less for heating all winter longer, you can meet your goals with one simple act. Changing a filter is incredibly easy. If you aren’t sure how, let one of our NATE-certified technicians help. We can also help you find the best filter for your system and devise an appropriate filter-changing routine.

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