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    3 Common Winter Heating Issues

    Wednesday, October 07, 2015

    Service Technician Inspecting Residential Heating System

    No one’s heating and air conditioning equipment works perfectly all of the time. Parts wear down, accidents happen and human error plays a frequent role. Weathering these hiccups can be nerve-wracking unless you know what you're facing, so it's time to get prepared before winter weather sets in.

    Here are the three most common winter heating issues:

    1. The furnace won’t start.

    By far, this is the most common heating problem you’ll run across, mainly because it’s caused by so many different issues. Power problems are number one, with tripped breakers and blown fuses preventing the HVAC system from receiving power. The thermostat may also have a broken connection. Finally, systems are programmed to shut down in certain situations to prevent accidents.

    Reset instructions can be found inside the instrument panel or air filter compartment door. Sometimes these safety features are triggered by mistake, but if you do a reset only to have your heater shut down again, it’s time to call in a professional.

    2. Your furnace isn’t staying lit.

    Sometimes, it’s not a matter of a furnace turning on but of staying on that’s the problem. If your unit begins to run only to shut off a few moments later, the pilot is likely going out. This is usually caused by blockages in airflow. Change the furnace filter and do a sweep of the air intake valves to make sure there aren’t any leaves or other debris preventing fresh air from entering the system. If the problem still isn’t solved, you may need to schedule HVAC service.

    3. Your furnace isn’t putting out warm air.

    Have you ever been chilled to the bone in the middle of winter only to realize the heater is spitting out cold air? This can be linked to your thermostat, sensors, burners or air blockages. Often, it’s not a problem you can fix yourself, so get on the phone with Certified Electric right away. Stop wasting time, and get your heat back up and running.

    Click this link to schedule a heating and air conditioning visit today with our pro team at Certified Electric. Visit online or call 912.265.3419 to prevent common winter HVAC problems cropping up around your home.