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    3 Common Reasons to Call an Electrician

    Wednesday, August 12, 2015

    electrical services

    Most homeowners have a need for electrical services at some point or another. Brunswick-area residents have a trusted resource in Certified Electric. Here are some of the most common reasons why homeowners call an electrician.

    Consider these common electrical problems:

    1. 1.Half of my outlet doesn’t work at all or doesn’t work all the time. Either the top portion of a plug works fine and the bottom doesn’t do anything, or the opposite is the problem. This is likely more of a quirk than it is an electrical problem. If your plug has acted this way since you moved in, chances are the other half of the plug is connected to a dead light switch. The switch may not even exist anymore or has been rewired. For outlets where half only works intermittently, it may still be controlled by a wall switch.
    2. 2.My Dimmer / Toggle switch feels hot. Dimmer switches controlling a light fixture with a higher wattage bulb(s) do heat up or someone has installed compact fluorescent bulb(s) that is not dimmable. The solution may be as simple as putting a lower wattage bulb(s) in the fixture or dimmable compact fluorescent bulb(s). If you don’t have a dimmer switch and your toggle switch feels hot, you should call an electrician for immediate repairs.
    3. 3.Our recessed light bulb keeps cutting out. Unlike the other situations we’ve talked about, this one is simply an ingenious feature that prevents your home from being damaged. Many different lighting fixtures come with safety auto-off controls when they detect a problem. When a recessed fixture repeatedly shuts down a light bulb, it’s usually because the wrong kind of bulb is installed. Cheaper bulbs can sometimes trigger this problem as well. Look at the manufacturer’s guidelines and replace the existing bulb with one that is recommended. If that doesn’t fix the problem, however, you should schedule electrical services. Flickering lights are sometimes the sign of a serious problem.

    Don’t feel bad about hiring a pro to handle electrical services. While some electrical issues are easy fixes, others are nothing to mess around about. Click this link or call 912.265.3419 to learn more about the professional electrical services from our friendly team at Certified Electric.